Who We Are

What To Expect From Cracked Open Therapy

Therapy at its core is a dialogue. It’s about peeling away the surface level and getting to understand what's at the root of how you feel.

We don’t just try to understand the issue itself, we get to know you as a whole and together we work to bring about awesome change.

The key is that the process doesn’t feel stale. This isn’t a doctor’s office or some drab hospital room. In fact the process can be downright fun at times as you start to understand how your mind and body work.

It’s like working through a puzzle and as you put the pieces together, things become more clear.

Once complete, the transformation is truly incredible to experience. What drives us every day at Inlow Counseling is to help make those transformations happen, and we’re ready to help you.

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The Story Behind The Name

A message from Cracked Open's owner, Leslie Inlow:

In March of 2022 I had what I like to call a "cracked open" experience. Everything in my life changed overnight. It felt as if my entire world was falling apart, and that's because it was. I lost a marriage, a community, and a belief system in one day.

Amidst the chaos, however, was this beautiful opening inside of me. I noticed I felt so much more alive, I was more receptive to help from others, and I was seeing the world in an entirely new way. I was in a lot of pain, but change requires pain.

Because my whole life changed, I began to change. It was as if my soul had been "cracked open" and there was this rearranging of pieces of my life and parts of myself.

It hasn't been an easy journey, and it's certainly not over. The cracks are still there, but they have been filled in with aliveness, healing, warmth, vulnerability, and love.

In calling our practice Cracked Open, I wanted to convey to our clientele and local community that healing is here for your "cracked open" life experiences, too. It seems that everyone has at least one or two in their lifetime. An experience that changes you to your core, and requires you to build an entirely new self and life.

Additionally, sometimes seeking help for mental health and other life challenges actually facilitates the cracking open. Sometimes, that's what's needed.

Cracking open isn't for the faint of heart. But it certainly creates beautiful humans. I hope you can find the courage to crack open and make something new. I hope it's with us, as we are here to support you and help you heal. If not, I trust you will find what you need and what you are seeking.

-Leslie Inlow, LCSW, LCAC

Mission word written on road in the mountains

Our Mission and Values

Mission: To create a healing center where people who are suffering from mental and physical distress individually and in relationships can find true healing and change. 

Values: Passion, Authenticity, Trust, Change, Humanness