Rates & FAQ

How much do you charge per session?
This is such an important question! Rates vary depending on a clinicians level of education, experience, and training. We have options that range from as low as $30 per 60 minutes, (student intern rate), and as high as $175 per 60 minutes (a fully licensed clinician with advanced training).

Do you take insurance?
We are considered "Out-Of-Network" providers, which means we do not accept any insurance directly. We have made the decision to work directly with our clients regarding payment, and they are very satisfied with this arrangement.
If you would still like to use your insurance, then you can potentially do so if your insurance plan has “Out-Of-Network” benefits. The way that would work is, you would pay for therapy at the time of the session, and then we will provide you with a “superbill” that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

We would recommend calling your insurance company to confirm if your insurance policy has OON benefits for mental health services.

Otherwise you can choose to see one of us privately and not involve your insurance at all. See why many of our clients choose this option below.

Why would I choose to pay private pay instead of using my insurance benefits?
Most of our clients actually prefer to work with their clinician privately and not involve their insurance at all. This is because in order to use your insurance for counseling, a mental health diagnosis is required, and this gets attached to your record. If your challenges don’t meet the threshold of a diagnosis, then insurance companies can choose not to cover your therapy.

  • Insurance can put limitations on the number of counseling sessions you can have, prior to truly completing the process.
  • An insurance company has a right to call the therapist and ask how sessions are going
  • At any point they can say that therapy is no longer medically necessary and cancel the coverage

And by not taking insurance, we are able to maintain a smaller caseload of clientele and devote all of our focus into helping people like yourself.

Instead of taking hours each week going back and forth with insurance, we devote that time and energy to our clients, resulting in better outcomes for therapy.

If you have more questions about this, or have questions about finding your OON benefits and would like to discuss, then I recommend reaching out to me us on our contact page and we’d be happy to answer any questions.

Where is your office located?
Cracked Open Therapy is located at 185 S 8th St, Noblesville, IN, 46205. We operate out of a small white house on the corner of 8th and Cherry st. There is a sign out front with our logo, wooden patio furniture, and bistro lighting.

Do you offer online counseling?
We do offer online counseling and utilize a telehealth platform through our client portal, Simple Practice.

What are your hours?
Hours vary based on each clinician’s availability. We have openings as early as 9am and as late as 8pm, and some weekend availability.

How long are sessions?
Sessions are 60 minutes or 90 minutes, and we even do intensives upon request which are 2+ hour sessions.

How do I set up an initial appointment?
The best way to set up an appointment is to schedule a 20 minute phone consultation with Stephanie, and once she has all of the information she needs and has answered all of your questions, she will create a profile for you in Simple Practice and you can schedule your first appointment right there in the client portal.

What is your cancellation policy?
We ask that you cancel your appointment within at least 24 hours of the start time. Any sessions canceled within 24 hours of the start time will be charged the full fee.

How much paperwork do I have to fill out?
10-20 minutes of your time will be needed to fill out the necessary forms to get started. We utilize an electronic health record which will make the process easy and seamless for you.

What can I expect in a first session?
Every first session is different because we are humans working with humans, and no two people are alike! We see therapy as a collaborative process, so a lot of what happens in a first session is up to you and your provider to decide together. You can expect that in your first session, your clinician will inform you of how they work with their clients, and begin to build the relationship needed for important therapy work. This will involve you sharing some of your story and your clinician relating to you and helping you clarify your therapy goals.

What is your approach?
We absolutely love helping people heal from trauma and unresolved emotional turmoil, and we believe this can and should be done holistically.

For traditional talk therapy, our approaches vary based on the clinician’s experience and style. Overall as a practice we are client centered and results driven. We utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities and theories, including attachment theory, psychodynamic theory, solutions focused, EMDR, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, The Gottman Method, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

What does it mean to treat mental health issues holistically?
Holistic means to consider the whole system of the human rather than just individual parts. Healing through traditional therapy tends to take a cognitive and cerebral approach - working mostly in the mind. While we value this work and absolutely love it, we also believe that utilizing approaches that treat the body and spirit are vital to the healing process. We can’t have just one part addressed, or two, we need all three: mind, body, and spirit. Therapy works on the mind, medication works on the body and the mind, massage works on the body, acupuncture and reiki work on the body and spirit.

How long will it take?
The length of therapy will depend greatly on many factors such as time constraints, cost, efforts, and abilities of both the client and therapist. Typically clients will see some progress within 6 sessions, and we strongly recommend a minimum of 6 sessions before making any decisions about continuing. The reason for this is it often takes a couple of sessions for the client and clinician to build rapport and comfort between the two.

Will I have homework?
This is something you and your therapist can decide together! Some clients and therapists value homework, while others do not.

How often will we need to have a session?
The most optimal frequency of sessions will be weekly at first, and as progress is made frequency of sessions will go down to bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

Are you going to lecture me and tell me what I should do?
While a lot of people think this is what therapists/healers do, it is not! At least, they shouldn’t be. Our job is not to lecture you or tell you what to do, although we are human and may slip into this occasionally. However, mostly we want to help guide you through the processes needed for you to make your own decisions in a healthy way. Our processes will lead you to your own answers, rather than us giving them to you.

Can you read my mind?
Wouldn’t that make things easier! :-) We cannot read your mind, although we have studied human behavior so we probably pick up on things - like your tone of voice, facial expressions, and unconscious patterns - that most people wouldn’t.

Tell me something fun about yourself!
In keeping with our homey vibe, our staff loves animals, so you may occasionally see a furry friend!

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