Stacia Musleh

Hi, I am Stacia, and I was born and raised in Indianapolis where I have been a lifelong resident. I have been married to my best friend for over 30 yrs. and together we have two amazing children. My many blessings have included the opportunity to travel the world and experience the many wonders that it offers on a spiritual and personal level.

My healing journey began as a child when I realized I had insight into things about people and places that were not necessarily known. However, like many who work in healing modalities, I ignored that aspect of myself for many years. In my 20’s I had a mystical event re-ignited my curiosity, which lead me to study the Energetic Healing modality of Reiki.  I was so profoundly moved by the healing effects of channeling pure Universal Energy (Chi/Ki) into others that I took a deep dive and did not come up for air until I had become a Reiki Master Teacher.

Consciously channeling source energy to transmute and transform the energetic blockages that are causing illness back to a state of wholeness. The Dis-Ease can be manifesting either physically, mentally or emotionally.  I utilize various healing modalities to assist my clients on their healing journey. Some of which include Reiki (of which I am a Master Teacher), Light Massage, where necessary (I am a trained masseuse), Quantum Touch, and Channeling messages from divine sources when they arise. 

I have been a healing practitioner for over 30 yrs.

I facilitate sessions in person and over zoom. I have mastered the ability to enter the Quantum Field and work with clients worldwide. A session with me will aid those seeking to immerse themselves in the loving, healing energy that their mind, body and/or soul requires.

Offering direct Energetic Healing sessions in person at:

 Cracked Open Therapy 185 S 8th St. Noblesville, IN 46060

Reiki Classes available upon request


Instagram: divineenergetics_

Cell: 1-317-432-3526/ Whatsapp +1-317-432-3526

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