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EMDR and Trauma Therapy in Noblesville, IN

Triggers everywhere. Hard to Trust Others. Feeling unsafe.

It seems like everywhere you go there's something that triggers you.

You're having a hard time feeling safe enough to talk to people about what you're struggling with.

You may have flashbacks to past experiences that seem to come out of nowhere.

You go to work or school and put on a fake smile, but inside you are deeply hurting.

Maybe you’ve had thoughts like

“I wish I could just get over this”

“What's wrong with me?”

"No one understands, I'm the only person feeling this way."

Living this way is exhausting, and you may even be wondering if it's possible to overcome.

But the reality is you can overcome it, and what you’re going through can be healed. It just takes having the right guide to help make it happen.

Our Team Can Help

Unresolved trauma or PTSD symptoms can be so debilitating, so we understand it's not easy to reach out and ask for help.

But you have, and that IS the first step. You should be proud of taking it.

We can help by offering talk therapy, medication management, and holistic healing methods such as reiki and acupuncture.

Getting to the root cause

Our team will work with you to get at the root cause of your symptoms.

We will walk along side you as you help yourself heal.

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