Kristen Alderson

I'm Kristen Alderson, CDC (Certified Divorce Coach) (she/hers)

Becoming a divorce coach has been a journey of transformation and resilience. My own experiences with heartache and healing have shaped my approach to guiding others through the complexities of divorce. I believe that true growth and acceptance arise from facing life's challenges head-on.


As a parent, friend, and former product manager, I've navigated many personal battles, including divorce, parenting issues, and mental health struggles. These experiences have deepened my empathy and commitment to supporting my clients.


I am dedicated to walking alongside my clients, offering a safe, compassionate space where they can explore their emotions and discover their path forward. Together, we will work to transform pain into growth and uncertainty into confidence.


Regardless of where you are in the process, I invite you to start your journey with me, where every step forward is met with understanding and unwavering support.

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