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You know this isn’t the way you want your relationship to be.

It didn’t happen right away, but at one point you used to get along so well, and now you can’t stop arguing.

Feeling disconnected from them, it’s almost like they’re a stranger, a roommate in your house. But what really feels painful is that sense of rejection from someone you’re supposed to feel safe with.

Living in a relationship like this can simply feel painful at times, exhausting to have to get through each day.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Your relationship can be healed. No matter what the cause is, things can get better, and couples counseling can guide you through that process.

Finding the Cause

This doesn’t get spoken about much, but there’s a right way to be in a relationship, and a wrong way.

When we have the wrong way, our needs don’t get met, we don’t communicate, and we don’t find that balance of closeness with personal identity.

In the beginning this gets patched over because we’re in love, but over time the faults start to show.

Couples Counseling then is way to relearn how to be in a relationship. The same people, the same love, but a different way of being together.

Creating Something New

Through therapy, we can help you learn how to communicate better, how to live together and how to heal the wounds that have appeared.

While you will transform yourself, the relationship itself will also transform into something new.

Not just going back to what you had, but something better.

And with that, you can find intimacy again with your partner, falling in love again and looking forward to being together.

At Cracked Open, we’d be honored to help you on that journey.

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