Get Help With Substance Use Problems

Substance Abuse Counseling in Noblesville, IN

The days are starting to blend together…

It seems like every night this week went the same...drank too much, took too many pills and can’t remember putting the kids to sleep.

Instead of feeling in control of your life, it feels like the drugs or alcohol are in control, like you’re a slave to them. You’re starting to not like who you’re becoming.

Everyone close to you is saying you may be going over the edge, and you’re starting to realize it too.

If you’re under the spell of an addiction right now, then it can feel overwhelming and what’s at stake is important. Without action this downward spiral could continue. 

But with the right support, your life can change dramatically for the better.

Therapy Can Help

First, forget about the judgement. Forget about the judgments of others and more importantly about how you're judging yourself.

This is not a failure of willpower or “morality”, but simply a disease that you can recover from.

Substance abuse usually arrives when we try to cope with anxiety, depression and trauma and the alcohol/drugs are there to self medicate. Or we have a family history of substance abuse that runs through our veins.

What therapy does is get to the underlying cause of the drug use and help heal it, so that we no longer feel the urges to self medicate.

The Path To Change

Instead of taking massive leaps, we set realistic goals for stopping the substance abuse. Without guilt and without shame, we work together to help you get back in control of your life and no longer feel bound to the alcohol/drugs. 

Post therapy and post addiction, life takes on a different flavor. A feeling freedom and relief comes as you’ve escaped a vicious cycle. 

You’re able to look into the mirror and have an overall sense of wellbeing and happiness.

You will feel hopeful that you can live a life without drinking or using drugs and like you have the ability to cope with life’s challenges without it. 

If you’re ready for change, then we’d be honored to guide you on the journey!

To get started, click the button below or give us a call at (317) 279-5529, and let’s get started on your journey!