Meet Tayler Kostecka


I’m Tayler Kostecka (she/her/hers),

I am a student intern studying mental health counseling. When I began my Masters in Counseling program, I realized I could no longer wait to take care of my own mental health. I had been struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD as a result of childhood and adolescent trauma.

I tried seeing a counselor on campus during my undergraduate studies, but I never quite experienced the growth I was longing for. I spent many nights flashing back to my trauma. I spent most mornings waking up sick, unsure I could go about my day. I was withdrawn, unengaged, unexcitable, and lost. This began during my senior year of high school and continued for nearly seven years. 

In 2020, I began seeing a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). This was what I was studying to become, so I felt it would be a perfect fit. My counselor specialized in trauma and practiced using EMDR. Through seeing him weekly, completing EMDR therapy, and practicing mindfulness at home, I have healed from my trauma. 

Through this experience, I knew my calling to help people through their trauma was exactly where I was meant to be. If I could give people even half of the relief I feel after attending counseling, I would feel accomplished. Of course, my goal is to make them feel all of that relief and like themselves again. 

And I’ll help you know yourself again.

I became a therapist because I am passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families work through, process, and re-wire their memories to live comfortably with their trauma. When I am not counseling, I love playing board games with my new husband, going for walks with my golden-doodle, Stanley, and catching up on my favorite podcasts. 

I am a student intern and provide therapy and counseling services at a low cost. 

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Meet Tayler Kostecka


Observant, Client-centered, Empathetic

Who I work with:

Individuals, Couples, Families


Trauma Informed and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Couples/Family Therapy 90 minutes - $50 Couples/Family Therapy 60 minutes - $30
Individual Therapy 90 minutes - $50 Individual Therapy 60 minutes - $30




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