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Trauma and EMDR Therapy in Noblesville and Indianapolis

Self Hate. Pain. Stuck in the past.

One minute you’re fine, the next someone says something to you and you’re crying uncontrollably.

You have this terrible fear that something bad is going to happen, it just seems to overwhelm you.

Things that used to be easy like driving to work or going to the grocery store, now seem terrifying.

Trauma doesn’t present itself so easily like anxiety and depression - it shows up where we least expect, but it starts to run our lives.

Trauma & Emdr


Trauma & Emdr

Maybe you’ve had thoughts like

“I have such low self esteem.”

“I hate myself.”

“I feel stuck in my head”.

Living this way is exhausting, and you may even be wondering whether you’re going crazy.

But the reality is you aren’t, what you’re going through can be healed. It just takes having the right guide to help make it happen.


EMDR can help

Trauma can come in so many shapes and forms, and what’s traumatic to one person may not be traumatic to another.

There are big T traumas – such as a car crash, rape, or being in combat or a natural disaster.

And “little t” traumas, such as a bad break up, domestic violence, childhood emotional abuse and neglect, bullying or harassment, or the loss of a pet.

Both are valid, and both can leave a person suffering.

These experiences, whether “Big T,” or “Little t,” cause intense emotions which can get “stuck” in our bodies and minds, determining what we believe and how we see the world.

We can end up believing we aren’t good enough or that the word isn’t a safe place.

Trauma & Emdr


Trauma & Emdr

Getting to the root cause

EMDR therapy gets at the root cause of this underlying trauma, helping our body and mind to process it so it’s no longer stuck, and instead lets it go.

It deepens and instills the positive emotions while bringing down the “volume” on the negative, so we can then begin to actually enjoy life.

When it’s complete, then a sense of relief and lightness comes over us as the fog of trauma lifts.

We get a stronger sense of self, of self esteem or self love and the ability to see things clearly. At Inlow Counseling, we have a team of trained EMDR therapists ready to help make that transformation happen.

Together, we can guide you to letting go of feeling stuck and instead embrace a new way of experiencing life.




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